Stainless Steel Properties

stainless steel properties

What are common used finishing methods?
There are four common used methods in the specification of surface finishes for stainless steel fabrications. They are grinding, polishing, buffing and brushing.

1. Grinding and Polishing
The terms “Grinding” and “Polishing” are a form of machining, involving the removal of a layer of metal from the surface by a cutting action. “Grinding” removes surface material like oxide layers.“Polishing” describes decorative finishing operations where surface material is removed. The surface finish created relies on a number of factors, including the grit size of the abrasive used.

2. Buffing
In contrast to grinding and polishing, buffing is instead a smoothing process, making the surface brighter and more reflective. As buffing always produces smooth, high effect finishes, it is a finishing technique commonly used on pharmaceutical equipment.

3. Brushing
Brushing, like grinding and polishing, is an abrasive finishing process. The term is widely used by metal finishing specialists for arrange of three dimension fabric materials with impregnated abrasive particles. It is very important to use representative surface finish samples when specifying brushed finishes.

What are stainless steel properties?
•Hygienic and easy to clean
•Recyclable and easy to fabricate
•Resistant to corrosion and sustainable
•Maintenance friendly


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